Lee Harris Pages
Lee Eli Harris: writer, performer, playwright. editor, publisher.

Lee Eli Harris: writer, performer, playwright. editor, publisher and
"a footsoldier of the underground"

From 1950's South Africa
to present day (a more comprehensive update
will be coming soon)

In-depth Interview from 1998 conducted by Harry Shapiro
Transcribed by Amira Harris

Includes "A Footsoldier's Tale" from the "Alchemical Wedding" 1968 and "Glad You're Back" from the birth of Brainstorm Comix in 1975

Lee Harris

An on-line reference guide
to underground culture and
links to counter-culturalists
across the web.

Brigitte Harris Remembered
A short feature in memory of Lee's wife Briggitte

Home Grown magazine
Original Homegrown copies
have now become rare and
very collectable items.

Allen Ginsberg
Live in London
Read Lee's introduction
to Allen Ginsberg's live
appearance in London 1995

A Footsoldier's Tale
Lee's account of the events
leading up to the 1968
"Alchemical Wedding"
at the Royal Albert Hall
which featured John
Lennon & Yoko Ono

Alchemy in Avalon
Emulating the great LSD/
Celtic Cross event of 1998
in Glastonbury, Lee has continued to hold eclectic gatherings in Glastonbury into the new millennium.

These have been memorable
events featuring producers
of the finest underground music , along with artists, dancers and contributors.

Lee Harris pictured in 2000 at the launch of
"Hand to Mouth to India" at a Camden bookstore.

These pages contain information about
Lee Harris, founder of the oldest established
headshop in London.