Welcome to the Lee Harris website and Alchemy - The oldest established headshop in London
Lee Eli Harris: writer, performer, playwright. editor, publisher.


To the many multitudes who have met or known Lee, he
is a lving legend. One of the
original foot-soldiers of the
counter-culture, he has exemplified the romantic revolutionary in the soul of all of us.

Having been a dharma bum, and angel-headed hipster, a wounded healer or a wise fool, he is the village Alchemist of Portobello
Market in London, where
for the last 35 years, he
could be found bestowing
good vibes and energy from
his shop counter at Alchemy,
London's (maybe England's)
oldest headshop.

Now aged 70, Lee is full of
shamanic and spontaneous knowledge, gained from
years of making mistakes
and being blessed by his
close, loving family, and
contact with like-minded
universal beings.

Lee will tell you tales of
the underground, of the
many interesting people
he has know and events
he has seen. He wiil romp through fifty years of the Zeitgeist, and play you
strange and intoxicating

music, accompanied by
his own healing and
inspirational spoken word.

From his humble beginnings
as a human rights activist
through years as an actor
and writer, Lee has been a great observer of human events and history. He has survived through tragedies and also times of
great joy and creative freedom.

Today he is as active as ever,
always trying new things,
and is currently working
with urban electronica
producer River Styx on
several new
tracks of original
music they like to call
"Angel-headed hip-hop"

Lee Eli Harris: writer, performer,
playwright. editor, publisher and
"a footsoldier of the underground"