Lee Harris Biography
Lee Eli Harris: writer, performer, playwright. editor, publisher.

1936: Born on 11th August
in Johannesburg, South Africa

June'55, Lee was a delegate at the Congress of the People where the Freedom Charter was drawn up. He was one of the few
white members of the Congress Movement at that time, which included the A.N.C. (African National Congress).

1956: Moved to London in January to pursue studies
as a drama student at the Webber-Douglas School
of Dramatic Art.

1960: Toured Ireland in the Shakespearean production 'Chimes at Midnight' with actor/director Orson Welles.

1961: Was a member of a stage production of
'The Corn is Green', featuring Dame Flora
Robson, which toured
South Africa

1972: Founded London's oldest culture shop, 'Alchemy', located on the Portobello Road in the Ladbroke Grove area.

1977-1981: Editor and publisher of Europe's first cannabis-oriented magazine, Homegrown , and of the seminal Brain Storm
comics during the late
'70s and early '80s

Consultant to the London-based Megatripolis club, where he was arranger
of the guest speakers,
Allen Ginsberg, Ed Rosenthal, Jack Herrer,
Baba Ram Das,
Charter 88, etc.

2000: Alchemy Books publish Tom Thumb's
"Hand To Mouth To India"
which became a back-
packers classic

There is so much more we hope to include here, so watch for updates.

Lee Eli Harris: writer, performer,
playwright. editor, publisher and
"a footsoldier of the underground"