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Brian Barritt was the late Timothy Leary's best mate
and sent us more information about the release of his ashes on
Glastonbury Tor. Brian offered a "Prayer to the Goddess at Glastonbury"
as part of our 'Lord of the Dance' event on 24th March

John Higgs
will release the most definitive book on Dr Timothy Leary , called
"I have America Surrounded - The Life of Timothy Leary"

"I have America Surrounded"
This excellent new book will be coming out in June.

The dedicated few of the elves, hobbits etc made up the hill after
the party (about a mile and a half)
to take part in this momentous occasion...
arriving at the Tor on Saturday in the middle of the day
at the whim of the Weather Goddess.
Glastonbury Tor

Visit Brian Barritt's website!

Brian Barritt

Author, painter, prisoner,
dope fiend, comedian, krautrocker, and has known several notable figures
including William Burroughs, Ash Ra Temple, H.R. Giger,
and Timothy Leary. He is
about the only notable
figure from this Beatnik
era to survive into the
21st Century.

Lord of the Dance
Glastonbury event
24th March 2006

The Tor
Timothy Leary
A small part of the ashes of
Tim Leary
were fired into the earths orbit along with those of Gene Roddenberry, creator of
Star Trek
. The original plan was that they remain in orbit for 18 months before descending to earth but for some unaccountable reason they are still in orbit.
Timothy Leary
Shot into space
Every 96 minutes some of the essence of Tim Leary passes overhead, so if you felt an uprush of good energy or an inspired feeling you can take it from me
that Tim had arrived at the party. A vial of Tim’s ashes, mixed with gold dust and left on earth was offered as a sacrament. As above so below, if, at that moment he was passing by, heaven and earth were united, and the psychedelic equinox complet
Brian Barritt

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