Alchemy - The Headshop
Lee Harris started Alchemy in the Portobello Road, named after the Alchemical Wedding with John & Yoko, which took place at the Royal Albert Hall in 1968. His original vision and the idea of Alchemy was ‘medicine head’- "all the things that people were bringing from India, all the culture of the underground and everything associated with it.”

Since then Alchemy has become a cultural conduit of a special kind that spreads far beyond West London. It makes up the heart of London's creative community, a fulcrum of alien culture, and an Aladdin's cave of colourful postcards, crazy comics, herbal cigarettes and interesting books.

A personal account of
John & Yoko's Alchemical Wedding event can be found here.

It is from here in June 1977, that Lee published Europe's first magazine devoted to Cannabis and the Psychedelic experience - Homegrown.

Lee also published
Brainstorm Comics
, containing the astonishing underground comic strip
art of Bryan Talbot and featuring Chester P. Hackenbush - the
psychedelic alchemist
in his first inner-space adventure.

The Alchemy shop has seen many changes over the years but in addition to its hedonic wares, Lee has shared the premises with Monica who has her own business called CLIPS which has a fine selection of colourful clothes, jewellery and herbal hair treatments. More recently a Tattoo Studio has set up an hygenic studio towards the back of the shop.
"Hand to Mouth to India"
Tom Thumb's witty and sometimes twisted travelogue of a young man's hitch-hike to India with virtually
no money. Released by
Alchemy Books in
June 2000, it has become
a backpackers classic.

"I bet this guy never
worked a day in his life"
Howard Marks
Lee is pictured here with his long time friend Henk Targowski who has previously published the Upsetter Magazine for the legendary reggae artist - Lee Scratch Perry.
often helps to run
the Alchemy shop and you can find out more about him from the above links.

A good friend for many years, Howard Marks launched his follow up to best-seller 'Mr Nice' with 'Dope Stories' at a book signing session held at the Alchemy shop in 2001.

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