Lee Harris, Chris Render (editors)


hbk: none
pbk: Red Shift Books, (London) UK, November 1994

ISBN 0-9524350-0-4 (UK pbk)

non-fiction, anthology, essays, photos, comics, marijuana, cannabis, LSD, psychedelics, counterculture, hip, beat scene, underground, alternative, Homegrown magazine, Brainstorm comics, Brian Barritt, Mick Farren, Lee Harris, Don Irving, Timothy Leary, Tim Malyon, George Melly, Harry Shapiro, Gilbert Shelton, Bryan Talbot, Heathcote Williams, edge, Amsterdam, London, england, jamaica, 1970s, Chris Render, Gregory Sams, social history

Anthology. A collection of some the best articles published by Homegrown magazine
(1977-1981). Edited by Lee Harris (the original editor and publisher) & Chris Render (from Compendium Bookshop, London). Front cover design executed by Gregory Sams (Strange Attractions) based on a joint session with Lee Harris and Chris Render. Illustrated.


Introduction "The Home Grown Years" by Lee Harris

"Declaration of Evolution" by Timothy Leary

"Legalise It" by Lee Harris
(editorial from Issue 2, illustrated by Hamish)

"A Jazzman's View of Dope" by George Melly, illustrated by Jan

"Smokey Bears" comic by Bryan Talbot

"The Psychedelic Pogrom" by Heathcote Williams, illustrated by Richard Adams

"Hemp Harvest" text and photos by Don Irving

"Greetings from California" text and photos by Don Irving, illustrated by Cliff Harper

"Spaced Out in Amsterdam" comic by Bryan Talbot

"Two's Too Much" text by Richard Cooper, illustrated by Annalouise

"Remembering Joe Schlepp" by Hal Musin, illustrated by Annalouise

"Bonne Chance" by Brian Barritt, illustrated by Hamish;

"Golden Dawning of a New Age" by Harry Shapiro

"Confusion, Intrusion, Anxiety" by Michael Marten, illustrated by Chris Morton

"Thoroughly Ripped" with Gilbert Shelton

"Beat Generation Part 1: A Season in Hell" by an Angel Headed Hipster [Lee Harris]

"Beat Generation Part 2: Journey to the End of Night" by an Angel Headed Hipster [Lee Harris], illustrated by Cliff Harper

"Beat Generation Part 3: Decline of the West" by an Angel Headed Hipster [Lee Harris], illustrated by Ed Barker

"Bibles in the Ganja Fields" text and photos by Tim Malyon

"A Day in the Life of a Californian Grower" by Bud Reaper

"Busted" Mervyn Harris, illustrated by Ed Barker

"Sex, Drugs and Rock'n Roll" by Mick Farren

"A Comfort In Your Old Age" by Max Arbesfeld PhD, illustrated by Carol Gregory

"Anslinger's Assassin of Youth" by Lee Harris, illustrated by Jan

"The 100 Kilo Club" by Simon Gandolfi, illustrated by Peter Dawson

"Coffee Shop Amsterdam" by Lee Harris, photos by Koos Swart

"L.S.D. and the Mind Alchemist" by Michael Hollingshead

"Epilogue: The Healing of the Nations" by Lee Harris

plus additional photos and art by Chris Render, Don Irving, Annalouise, Hamish Orr, John Higgins, Jan Pawlowicz.

"As we approach the new millennium and the debate over cannabis, the use of psychedelics and freedom of choice reaches fever pitch, we need to gather and nurture all the sane and rational arguments we can.

"In this spirit we present the Best of Homegrown , an anthology of art and articles from Europe's first magazine devoted to cannabis and the psychedelic experience....

"Homegrown was a breakthrough magazine that represented a defining moment in British 'underground' culture." [jacket blurb, UK pbk, 1994]

"High points include the definitive account of the CIA's foray into psychotropic drugs." -- (in The Idler ).

"...it's a brilliant read. For Beat fans the essays are all they'll ever need." -- (in Beat Scene magazine).

"...not even the earliest articles have dated or paled one iota, they're as fresh, funny and fantastic as the day they first came out... Whoever you are, go out and buy this book." -- (in Bush Telegraph , 1994).

"An excellent collection of articles by some of the key luminaries on the psychedelic scene. If you missed the opportunity to purchase the original magazine, now is your chance to have the cream of the crop. A notable addition to the literature on cannabis. Includes the recipe for marijuana beer [hemp and hops are sister plants]." --Henry W.Targowski (in Mark/Space , 1995).

Highly recommended.


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