Alchemy Books

  • Best of HomeGrown
    edited by
    Lee Harris, Chris Render
    (November 1994...Red Shift Books, London, UK... a selection of work from HomeGrown magazine)
  • Brainstorm
    by Bryan Talbot
    (November 1999...Alchemy Books, London, UK... an omnibus edition containing the entire comics series)
  • Farizine
    edited by Lee Harris
    (1986...Alchemy Publications, London, UK... a compilation of rastafarian photos, poems, and articles which unfolds into a poster)
  • Hand To Mouth To India
    by Tom Thumb
    (June 2000...Alchemy Books, London, UK... a traveller's tales)

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    Anachron Library
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    Bryan Talbot Homepage
    (artist Bryan Talbot's site...with more on Brainstorm Comix and his other work)

    Tom Thumb Homepage
    (author and traveller Tom Thumb's personal site...featuring excerpts from the book Hand To Mouth To India )


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