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Alchemy - The oldest established headshop in London

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New "Angel Headed Hip Hop CD"

'30 Years of Counter Cunture' CD
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Lord of the Dance
Alchemy, Shiva's birthday party

Alchemy in Avalon
Glastonbury happening

Timothy Leary's Ashes
Brian Barritt reports on Leary's ashes released at Glastonbury Tor

Europe's first Cannabis related magazine (1977).

Brigitte Harris Remembered
A short feature in memory of Lee's wife Briggitte

The Alchemy Culture Shop
is now up and running. Lots of interesting stuff, alternative
gift ideas and the usual
smoking paraphernalia..

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Allen Ginsberg
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Lee Harris Counterculture

An on-line reference guide
to underground culture and
links to counter-culturalists
across the web
Lee has been painted by artist
Gill Bradley in her exhibition ‘Portraits of Portobello".
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The Life and Times of Lee Harris
Special feature with words and images by River Styx. Download
it in PDF format ... Click Here!

Features on Lee's recent projects, books, films, music, gigs etc.

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